Péter Zsigmond

Péter Zsigmond

Architect, currently he works at Radius B+S office on large-scale office and residential building planning.

It was during the final years of his high school studies when he became interested in architecture. During his years at BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) he has worked as an intern teacher at the Department of Architectural Geometry and Informatics for several years where he taught freshmen for Computer Literacy 1-2 (Microsoft Office, Sketch up) and he also helped in Architectural Information 3 (Archicad). Besides his duties at the university he has organised several private classes of Archicad for foreign students. His diploma topic was a musculoskeletal rehabilitation centre in the agglomeration of Budapest (as presented below).


During the early years of his studies he started working for an architectural firm where he participated in various building designing projects (from conception to construction plans and interior design as well). He also learned the ways of creating visualization (3ds Max) and experienced the benefits of calculating measurements from BIM based models. Currently he works for Péter Sugár’s office, Radius B+S where he contributes in large-scale office and residential building planning.


In his spare time, he travels with his wife across the world. He loves exploring new cities and cultures, because he thinks this is the way to actually experience architecture. He has chosen teaching as his hobby, because he thinks that in this modern world it is necessary to know how to use designing and visualisation programs and it is really hard to acquire these skills at the university.